You wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoes, so why wear the wrong size bra?

Women caring for women

Appointments with Orchid at The Corsetry Chalet ensures total privacy during fittings.  Book just for you or come with friends to experience together the comfort and confidence you gain with the right fitting bra for your shape, size and needs.

Call Sherrie-jane to secure a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends, on 07917202906.

“Lingerie is the poetry in a woman’s wardrobe.”

– Ellen Lewis, LingerieBriefs.com

Prices start from £30 so don’t think “expert” means expensive. The fitting service is what we pride ourselves on, not what we charge for.  Also remember – buy cheap; buy twice! The majority of our products can happily survive delicate machine washes far longer than those you might pick up on the high street.


“You know your stock so well it didn’t take you any time at all to pick the perfect style for my shape and lifestyle!”

“Elegant comfort at comfortable prices.”

“I was so anxious about coming but there really was nothing to it!”

“You guys are amazing! I have never been this comfortable and confident both while buying and after! Changed my life for the better, thanks SO much!”

Lovely review blog: http://carlydouris.tumblr.com/