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Sherrie-jane Jackson

Sherrie-jane’s passion for fashion started at a young age.  Helping her parents in their hairdressing salons taught her the importance of creating the right look for the customer, suited to their expectations and lifestyle.  These lessons saw her into adulthood when she set up and ran her own successful boutiques in Dorset.

Training as a beautician developed Sherrie-jane’s skills further to help clients feel and look their best.  However, the draw of fashion was too strong to resist and Sherrie-jane returned to running a contemporary ladies clothing and lingerie shop in Langport from 2002. After 10 wonderful years, Sherrie-jane took time out to do some charity work on board the Africa Mercy Ship.  Her strong involvement with Rotary at the Langport & Somerton Club allows her philanthropy a continued outlet.

All of Sherrie-jane’s experience have developed in her an excellence with people, understanding their needs and working with them to make them feel the best they can.  Her natural kindness and empathy make her a kind and friendly face for this most intimate side of fashion.  She is able to understand the anxieties and difficulties ladies often face with their underwear.

Her favourite part of the business?

“When a lady comes in and tells me how much weight she needs to lose, then we get her in the right size bra and she sees she actually doesn’t need to but has a waist already.

She leaves with a spring in her step, feeling fantastic, comfortable and supported!”


Elle Gilpin

Proud daughter of Sherrie-jane, Elle has been heavily involved in supporting her mother’s business from a young age. Administration and marketing experience gleaned from a variety of roles with many different clients allows her a great range of skills to draw on. A Level 4 Professional Certificate in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing is providing further formal knowledge, thanks to the fantastic teaching team at Yeovil College.  Events co-ordination, both in-house and at venues, are her favourite ways of engaging with new clients and networking with the other fabulous local businesses in the South West. Learning to use eBay, Twitter and Facebook are providing Orchid with new avenues to potter down and Elle with new things to play with!


We’ve also got a silent (in theory) partner. He helps with supervising us from afar and sometimes a bit closer up too.

Haaaaave you met Ted?

Haaaaave you met Ted?